Books: MPH Haul & My Thoughts On BB1M’s Amended Guidelines

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On the 30th of April, myself, along with a whole load of students everywhere who have received the BR1M book vouchers this year, crowded various bookstores to spend our vouchers upon hearing the news that from May 1st onwards we would no longer be able to buy fictional books or stationery anymore (read the online newspaper article here). I think it’s good that we are offered these book vouchers, but limiting them to only academic publications is not exactly a good option because after all one of the objectives of handing these vouchers out, as stated in the article linked above, is to encourage our reading habits. Books aren’t exactly cheap, after all, so this does encourage people like me to buy books to read.

I used to go to the library near Merdeka Square in KL frequently, but not anymore as I find the whole process troublesome. If I had my own books at home, I could just pick them up to read at any time I desire, and there’s no specified period of time where I have to finish it and then return it to a library. I don’t need to drive to the library, find parking, check if the book I want is available, and so on. Don’t get me wrong, libraries are good and I do enjoy going every now and then (though that’s quite rare and usually when I need to do research for academic assignments and projects, heh heh ^-^), it’s just that I prefer being able to read at home as and when I please. I’m sure a lot of other people do as well, and that’s why book fairs like the ever-popular Big Bad Wolf are always chock full of people buying tons of books gleefully.

I understand that some people misuse their vouchers, though I don’t personally know anyone who does such a thing, and think that of course some action should be taken to prevent that, but not in this way. There is an argument on the amended guidelines presented here. It’s true that a lot of university students use handouts and materials provided by the lecturers rather than textbooks, especially myself, though of course there are students who use both the materials provided and textbooks. Therefore, for students like me, it was a good thing that we were able to buy books other than academic books to read. I honestly do not know what to do with next year’s vouchers if they’re still going to give them out to students. There’s only so much academic books I can buy, and it wouldn’t be because I’m interested but more of me not wanting to let the vouchers go to waste.


Here comes the fun part!

MPH Haul

My MPH haul!

I recently got introduced to Haruki Murakami’s works, and the first book I read was The Elephant Vanishes. I heard he’s quite the famous writer, so when I walked into MPH in Publika and saw his books I decided I’d get them since I needed to use up my book vouchers and I didn’t have any specific books in mind that I wanted to purchase anyway. I’m currently reading one of his other books, Kafka on the Shore, and admiring his writing style. The imageries presented in the book are lovely to read, despite the fact that Murakami’s books usually make me feel like “what on earth…..?”. It gets really strange a lot of the time, but it’s written very well all the same. So as you can see, I got Norwegian Wood and 1Q84 from Murakami.

I also got Through the Skylight by Ian Baucom, mainly because there’s a small review on the top of the front page that says it would be great for fans of Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart series. I absolutely loved the Inkheart series. I have yet to read Inkdeath though, particularly because I’m so fussy and want a specific cover illustration but haven’t found it yet. I’ll link a picture of it here.


Aside from that, I decided to get the Divergent series. I was contemplating getting the Hunger Games series but I’m more interested in Divergent than I am in Hunger Games and I wanted to spend more or less within the RM250 that I had received in the form of book vouchers so I didn’t have enough left over to purchase both.

I also got rulers and some pens, two of which are coloured because I fancied the colours hehe. One is black for formal use, to write in exams and fill up formal forms and things like that. Practicality lol. I qualified for a lucky draw and won a set of pencils, it was just a small thing but made me quite happy! The staff who helped me out was also very nice and helpful and efficient, and I was so pleased I filled in a feedback form praising her efforts.

The MPH is Publika is not very large, so it doesn’t have many choices of books as compared to, say, the Popular bookstore in Ikano Power Centre (IPC). I’m glad I went to Publika instead though, cuz my best friend was at the Popular in IPC and the queue was craaaaaazy long that day! MPH Publika was relatively empty in comparison, which worked out very well for me. I also got a complimentary booklet of vouchers from MPH! I doubt I’d be able to use all of the vouchers inside though.

I guess that’s it for now, byee! x


Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro


(Credits to

Hey guys!

So I just went to watch Spiderman 2, and it is TOTALLY amazing!!!!! It’s like Andrew Garfield was born to play the role of Spiderman, oh my gosh. Love his acting skills, love the chemistry between him and Gwen, who by the way is portrayed amazingly by Emma Stone in my opinion.

I also love how they gave more information about Peter Parker’s parents. There’s always very little info given about them, we just know that they left little Peter with Aunt May and Uncle Ben and never came back for him. Jamie Foxx is awesome as the titular antagonist Electro/Max Dillon and Sally Field as Aunt May. And of course we get to see Stan Lee in this movie too. I always can’t recognise him though! Oops :/

This movie has lots of funny moments inserted at the right times, and also loads of action. All that electricity and webbing! It starts off showing Mr and Mrs Parker’s last moments, then we see Peter himself chasing down a baddie and saving the day (with lots of humour!), then making it just in time to receive his graduation scroll, where he gives Gwen a big kiss in front of everyone. The story develops to show Peter being haunted by the promise he’d made to Gwen’s father before he died (in the first movie), his subsequent breakup with Gwen, Max turning into Electro (not particularly realistic but okay, I’ll let it slide), Harry Osborn joining the picture, and so on. I would just like to say that I think the role of Harry was not exactly cast perfectly. The little bromance between Peter and Harry was sweet, though.

I think what frustrated me about this movie was how quickly everyone seemed to think badly of Spidey. Like when he wouldn’t give Harry his blood, Harry immediately got mad and started hating on him. Same with Electro, when the cameras panned over to Spidey he accused him of being selfish (cuz all Max wanted was attention, seeing as he had been living quite invisibly, poor chap). But I mean, come on! If only Spidey would explain the consequences to Harry and they could work together to perhaps synthesise Spidey’s blood or something. I guess the story wouldn’t really have worked then, though.

And and and Peter says some of the sweetest things to Gwen, especially the part where they were on top of the bridge. SO SWEET. SO MUCH LOVE. I’m so happy they’re dating in real life too! πŸ˜€

I was pretty creeped out at the part towards the end where they zoomed in on Spidey’s web and it looked like a hand reaching out to grab Gwen. I’m SOOOO SAD SHE DIED THOUGH!!!!!!!! I guess she had to, so that Mary Jane can come into the picture, BUT STILL. IT’S SO HEARTWRENCHING. She died just like that! Wanted to bawl my eyes out oh gosh. T___T The part at the end didn’t really gel though, cuz we see him visiting her grave throughout the seasons, but after that it said that Spiderman had been gone for 5 months. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they show 3 seasons go by? :/

The Green Goblin didn’t really get much screen time in this movie, he kinda just came in towards the end and got knocked out real quick. The heck.

Also would like to let you guys know that there’s an end credit scene related to X-Men. For those like me who can’t stand missing end credit scenes (I watched Captain America 2 again just cuz I missed the second end credit scene! How was I supposed to know there were 2, was so sad when I found out!)

If you haven’t watched this movie, go watch it right now!!! What are you waiting for????? Go go go!

Let me know what you think of the movie! πŸ˜€

Music: Molly Kate Kestner – His Daughter

Hey guys!

Just wanted to share with you this lovely song sung by Molly Kate Kestner that’s probably all over the web by now. It’s such a beautiful song and brings tears to my eyes :’) Her voice is lovely, and the emotions she put into it just made it so much more amazing. As of now there’s 1.3mil views on her YouTube video.

Taken from her YouTube channel

Enjoy, and Happy Labour Day! πŸ™‚

Fashion & Style: OBEY Womenswear!

Heyya! I’ve just found out that OBEY has come up with a line for women and I browsed through their collection and found a bunch of pretty stuff I’d totally get if only it weren’t so pricey (my currency is in MYR soooo.. yeah :C).

You can check out the collectionΒ here!

Anyway I’d like to share with you some of the stuff I liked best and think that people should totally buy! πŸ˜€ Free advertising for them hahhaha.

OBEY wild child crop tank

Wild Child Crop Tank in black

OBEY wild child leggings

Wild Child Leggings in black

I really like the design for the Wild Child crop tank and leggings, the crossover detailing at the sides are just woooo~

OBEY suede jacket

Hitch Hiker Suede Jacket in black

I’ve always wanted a black jacket similar to this! Perhaps more towards a classic black leather jacket but this one looks great too!

OBEY ballard jacket

Ballard Jacket

I’ve recently developed a liking for jackets like this one over here. Military jacket-like stuff. Yesss.

OBEY monogram shortie shorts

Monogram shortie short

These are such cute shorts!!

Disclaimer: All photos are owned by OBEY, not me. I do not gain anything from promoting this.


Hey everyone!! Oh my gosh I can’t believe it’s been almost a YEAR since my last post!! I’m obviously not very good at this >.< Gotta make it a habit to update more regularly!

So today I’ve decided to do an Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post, my very first one on this blog! πŸ˜€



EarringMirrorcle long necklaceF21 gold heart ring

Purple sling bagPurple sling bag

Black VKI flatsBlack VKI flats

Ta-dah! I started by picking out a green coloured dress my mom got for me from Korea, then built the rest of my look around it. I paired it with a black miniskirt I got from Nichii (my current favourite skirt!), a H&M denim shirt, and some gold-accentuated accessories (long necklace from Mirrorcle in Fahrenheit88, Forever 21 gold heart ring, earrings from Lovisa in Paradigm Mall). I also added on my favourite bag at the moment, a purple sling bag with zipper detailing that my uncle got for me from one of his travels, and completed the look with simple matte black flats from VKI, which happens to be one of my favourite footwear brands. I usually get their black flats in suede so this time I decided to change it up and get something different. Also I was getting tired of my flats getting soaked every time it rains, which is pretty gross… 😦

For today I chose to keep my makeup simple and very natural-looking with just a bit of eyeliner as I was just gonna be going to the mall during the day. The cute flowery pink thing on my bag is actually a hairclip my mom gave to me; I clipped it onto my bag so that I could use it whenever necessary plus it looks cute, adds a pop of colour AND saves space in my bag heehee. ^^ I considered wearing a pair of heels but changed my mind seeing as I’d be doing a lot of walking during the day.

For this look I was inspired by a video I watched last night from Wendy’s Lookbook, “4 Ways to Wear a Dress“. I also looked up a bunch of videos from Evelina regarding fashion and style and loved them, do check out her videos!

That’s it for this post, thank you so much for reading! ❀

Need A Good Dentist?

Hey! I’ve been really horrible with updating my blog, so sorry about that T-T Went for my wisdom tooth extraction today- I swear my dentist is the best! He’s Dr Suresh and works every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday if anyone needs a dentist! I believe he finishes work at 6pm so go either in the morning or afternoon. Whenever I go there’s always minimal/no pain, no matter what he does. Fillings, extractions.. My extraction earlier today didn’t hurt the slightest bit! I was pretty scared though cos it was my first time. :/ It only bothered me when he was injecting my mouth prior to the extraction. My mouth went completely numb after that so I didn’t feel a thing. Also I needed stitches to help my wound heal faster; there was a big gaping hole in my mouth ugh. D: He asked if I wanted to keep my tooth and I was like NOOO GET IT AWAY FROM ME EEEEEEEE. In a less dramatic way of course. It had bits of flesh and blood on it >_<!!!! I had to spend the day constantly replacing the gauze in my mouth due to the bleeding but it’s not bleeding much anymore so I don’t need the gauze already πŸ™‚ All-in-all, medications included, it cost me RM500. I don’t know how much the average cost is cos this is my first time getting an extraction, so yeah, can’t comment on that. Anyway if you need a good dentist, here’s some info for you! πŸ˜€


Klinik Pergigian Bandar,

2A, Persiaran Ara Kiri,

Lucky Garden, Bangsar,

59100 Kuala Lumpur

Call: 03-20955090

It’s a corner lot, on the first floor. It has a HUGE signboard so you can’t miss it! It’s on the other side of the road from Pizza Hut. πŸ™‚


1. Eat a hearty meal before going for your extraction! Preferably something with loads of carbs to keep you full. And sugar, to keep you from feeling sluggish! The dentist will send you away if you don’t eat before your extraction cos you won’t be able to eat much after it and will probably feel like crap. Well, this dentist will.

2. After the extraction, take cold/iced food & drinks (ice cubes, ice-cream, chilled red bean soup for example), don’t take food that’s piping hot!!! I had mashed potatoes from KFC hehe. Had to wait for it to cool down though. Hoping I can eat solid food by tomorrow; I just have to be careful and remember to only chew my food on the unaffected side of my mouth!

(didn’t take photos because too gross)

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Heyhey! I caught Star Trek Into Darkness the day it came out, 16th May πŸ˜€ I thought I might as well blog about it since I’m still so excited about it! Teehee ^^ I watched the first movie that came out in 2009 and totally fell in love with it. I’ve never watched the TV series before though, heh. I wasn’t really planning on watching the first movie, but my dad suggested it and I was just like, “okay, anything”. The intro for that movie was just, BOOM!!!! I was so enthralled; it totally captured 100% of my attention. I loved Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto in it.

Star Trek 2009

2009, picture taken fromΒ

Star Trek 2013

2013, picture taken fromΒ

Note: Spoilers included! Read at your own risk!

When I heard the 2nd movie was coming out, I quickly booked tickets in advance to watch it. :3 And it didn’t disappoint! Before the intro even began, when they started playing the song, I was totally fangirling, like squealing (as quietly as possible) in my seat. LOL. That’s how excited I was to watch it!! ^^ Chris & Zachary’s acting were superb, and in this movie they introduced a new villain, Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch). It was my first time watching Benedict Cumberbatch in action (I never watched Sherlock) and I must say, he has some great acting chops. He can take the role of a cold-blooded villain and inject real feelings that would make you feel sorry for him. That’s just amazing. That was what I loved most about Spock in the first movie. Being able to show such strong feelings and making your heart go out to him despite him being a bit of an ass. Hahahah πŸ˜› Also in this movie Chris Pine & Benedict Cumberbatch’s eyes were impossibly, gorgeously blue. I was so amazed at how BLUE someone’s eyes could look! I spent a lot of time staring at their eyes, LOL. πŸ˜€ The movie made me really emotional; I cried when Kirk died D’: !!! IT WAS SO SAD. I really loved Spock & Kirk’s bond in the movie. Like bromance LOL. But yeah, it was really sweet. Especially when you see Spock crying (SPOCK!! CRYING!!!!) & then beating the heck outta Khan in revenge. Poor Benedict Cumberbatch though. :/

All in all, I think it was a great movie that definitely didn’t disappoint. I wouldn’t compare it to the first movie cos they’re kinda different, though the intro for Star Trek Into Darkness definitely can’t compare to the intro for the first movie. πŸ˜› I think JJ Abrams did a great job! I wonder if there’s another Star Trek movie coming in the future…. :O???

Movie trailersss!




Note: The song is Enterprising Young Men by Michael Giacchino if anyone wants to know. πŸ™‚ Love it! So dramatic.